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  NewAg consulting  

NEWAG Consulting is one of the leading agronomic consultancy businesses in Victoria having a strong focus on No Till/Zero Till and Controlled Traffic farming. Located in Horsham in the heart of the Wimmera, NEWAG consulting advises to leading and innovative farmers helping them to achieve strong and profitable results.

NEWAG Consulting provides a range of services to clients including regular paddock inspections, crop recommendations for weed, pest and disease control, advice and recommendations on plant and soil nutrition, farm planning and monthly newsletters. Additional to this a comprehensive trial program is conducted each year to keep clients up to date with the latest research and development with a direct focus on crop protection products, crop nutrition, No Till/Zero Till and Controlled Traffic.

The aim of NEWAG Consulting is to ensure clients successfully adopt a profitable and sustainable crop production system that encompasses the No Till/Zero Till and Controlled Traffic principles to achieve desired results.
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